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Protect Your Eyes: Why You Need An Eye Examination

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If it's been a while since you've had an eye examination, don't postpone the procedure any longer. If your vision seems to be clear, you might not think that you need an eye examination, but that's not the case. Even if you think your vision is perfect, you still need to have an eye examination at least once every couple of years. Before you postpone your eye examination any longer, read the list provided below. Here are four important reasons to stay up-to-date on your eye examinations. 

Reduce the Risk for Vision Loss

If you haven't had a routine eye examination in a few years, there's a good chance that your vision has changed. Right now, those vision changes might be so minor that you haven't noticed them. However, that's not to say that the changes won't continue to worsen. Unfortunately, failure to correct those minor vision changes could result in vision loss down the road. To prevent vision loss, you need to have your optometrist conduct routine eye examinations. 

Prevent Accidents and Injuries

If you're behind on your eye examinations, you might be at an increased risk for accidents and injuries. You might not realise this, but vision problems actually increase your risk for accidents. Vision problems can lead to trip and fall accidents, loss of balance accidents and even accidents associated with decreased depth perception. One of the best ways to prevent those types of injuries is to have regularly-scheduled eye examinations. If your optometrist does diagnose you with vision problems, those issues can be corrected with prescription lenses. 

Identify new Health Problems

If you've decided to postpone your eye examination for a few more months, you could be missing the opportunity to identify hidden health problems. If you're like most people, you don't realise that many health problems can be identified through routine eye examinations. This is especially true for health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and skin cancer. To make sure that health conditions are identified quickly, be sure to schedule your eye examination as soon as possible.  

Update Your Prescription

If you've been wearing the same pair of prescription glasses for the past several years, it's important that you schedule an eye examination as soon as possible. Wearing glasses that are outdated can lead to eye strain and other vision problems. Before you cause damage to your eyes, visit your optometrist for an eye examination.

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